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A unique collection of NFTs powered by Web 3.0, Majestic Bulls. A community with a strong sense of belonging. An interesting theme and story with a strong community. Majestic Bulls is one of a kind with its scalable architecture and very dedicated & professional team. Majestic Bulls is more than just an NFT project. We strive to build an ecosystem where all stakeholders can benefit.

// The Art

  • The NFT complements the unique chemistry of our beasts and makes the perfect specimen. A total of 06 rare attributes were selected. Each attribute has, on average, 59 instances that accumulate to 352 distinct features, making up an NFT. Characteristics like Body, Horns, Accessories, Backgrounds, etc., make up most of the NFT. These attributes and their chemistry with each other define the worth of the specific art. Rare NFTs have considerably perfect symmetry and the hottest merchandise than the rest.








// The Tale


Welcome to the kingdom of Bullsmania, a land of wonder and magic, where the majestic bulls reign supreme. Nestled within the walls of their castle, surrounded by sprawling forests, these creatures of unparalleled strength and power hold sway over all who dare to enter their domain. In the past, bulls were seen as nothing more than labor, food, and entertainment. But these bulls are different. They are focused on physical fitness, spending their days honing their muscles and perfecting their buff, muscular builds. They are the apex predators of their world, feared and respected by all who encounter them. But the kingdom of Bullsmania is not all about brute force. It is home to bulls of all professions and cultures, from working bulls to mercenary tyrants. And its history is rich and complex, built on a foundation of struggle and bloodshed. For years, the bulls of Bullsmania lived under the yoke of oppression, treated as little more than cattle. But one day, a group of brave young bulls rose up against their oppressors, choosing rebellion over submission. Wars were fought, and the hierarchy of the world was forever changed. The kings of Bullsmania were crowned as the guardians of their land, charged with protecting their people for generations to come. But who knows what the future holds? What would it take to overthrow the kingdom once again? Only time will tell.

// The MAJESTIC Ones


The Majestic Ones are a special series of twelve exclusive NFTs within our collection, each with its own unique story and super power. To learn more about these one-of-a-kind NFTs, Click on the images below. Please note that the Majestic Ones are randomly minted from our collection.


// The Majestic DAO

  • MajesticDAO is an Independent Decentralised Autonomous Organization in the Solana Web3. It is not just another project, but a decentralized community of professionals working together to benefit the future of web3 by bringing new and innovative projects.

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What’s Coming Next?


1. NFT Collection

  • - Majestic Bulls is our inaugural non-fungible token (NFT) series, offering exclusive access to ongoing projects and a private community within the Majestic ecosystem. The collection is scheduled to debut on the Magic Eden platform in December 2022, with a total supply of 3333 units, including 1000 reserved for the whitelist.
  • - The Majestic Bulls collection is inspired by the powerful and majestic creatures that roam the kingdom of Bullsmania. Each NFT in the series captures the unique spirit and personality of these incredible beasts, making them a one-of-a-kind addition to any collection.
  • - In addition to the NFTs themselves, members of the Majestic Bulls community will also have access to exclusive content and experiences. This could include behind-the-scenes access to our projects, early access to new releases, and the opportunity to participate in special events and activities.
  • - To be eligible for the Majestic Bulls whitelist, you can either participate in a giveaway hosted by one of our partners or submit an application through the provided link. Previews of the collection can be found on our Twitter page (@MajesticBullNFT) or by watching the teaser videos below. Dont miss this exciting opportunity to be a part of the Majestic Bulls community!



WLs can be claimed on MagicEden OR if you do not have a role on Discord, you can apply below.